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The academic conference «Brusov Readings-1963» held in Yerevan in 1963 indicated the success of Brusov’s creative activities’ studies in Armenia. The conference was initiated by the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute after V.Brusov, M.Abeghyan Institute of Literature and the Yerevan State University. As compared with the first «Brusov Readings» in 1962, the number of participating specialists had a significant increase, along with the circle of newly outlined urgent issues subject to investigation. The academicians from Armenia, other republics of the Soviet Union, and foreign specialists participated at the second «Brusov Readings». The «geography» of participants varied from Moscow to Sofia, Riga and Yerevan, Leningrad and other cities. The academicians from Russian towns, which used to be considered as «provincials», also took part. The conference materials were included into the almanac «Brusov Readings-1963» published in Yerevan in 1964. The list of authors of submitted papers included among others the names of T.Hakhumyan, Z.Yasinskaya, V.Rogov, P.Berkov, K.Grigoryan, S.Postupalsky. Materials, that had not been published previously, were included into the almanac. Along with other issues, special attention was paid to the translations made by V.Brusov, his links with the representatives of various literary trends, and his attitude towards renowned Russian and Western European belle-lettrists – A.Pushkin, F.Tyutchev, L.Tolstoy, Bulgarian and Latvian writers, et al. A preface to the story «A Trip to Mars», the summaries of the lectures on A.Pushkin, a program of studies of old Moscow life were published for the first time in this almanac. «Brusov Readings-1963» coincided with the celebration of V.Brusov’s 90th anniversary, which was also solemnly celebrated in the Soviet Armenia. The publication of the books «The Poetry of Armenia. Translated and Evaluated by Valery Brusov», «Valery Brusov. On Armenia and Armenian Culture: Verses, Articles, Letters», «Brusov Readings-1962», as well as a brochure on Valery Brusov’s life and creative activities was specially organized for that significant date. The «Knowledge» Publishing House initiated the publication of A.Margaryan’s brochure (in Armenian) entitled «Valery Brusov». V.Brusov’s 90th anniversary was solemnly celebrated at the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Yerevan and at the Writers’ Union of Armenia. The nation-wide celebration of V.Brusov’s jubilee and the publication of his books are witnessing the great respect and gratitude of the Armenian people to V.Brusov for his efforts on promotion of the Armenian culture worldwide.