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«Brusov Readings» held in 2002 were dedicated to 40th anniversary of assignment of V.Brusov’s name to the Yerevan State Linguistic University, the establishment of a Cabinet of V.Brusov’s creative heritage, and conducting of the first academic conference entitled «Brusov Readings». The prominent specialists on V.Brusov’s studies from Moscow, St.Petersburg, Stavropol and Tbilisi, as well as from Guimri, Vanadzor and Stepanakert participated in the conference. Once more, the conference confirmed fact that the poet’s creative heritage, its level and versatility were inexhaustible. Even the well-known topic «Brusov and Armenia» gained a new content. The academics also addressed the issues referring to translation studies in integrity. The welcome message of the representatives of the Department of Philology of Moscow State University said, in part: «Brusov’s outstanding services to Russia and Armenia are obvious, yet the propaganda of his heritage is also highly important. Your university deserves the title of ‘’Valery Brusov University’’». The reports presented in the course of the conference were included into the almanac «Brusov Readings-2002» published in Yerevan in 2004. The participants addressed to the comprehension of V.Brusov’s works («The Altar of Victory», «Jupiter the Prostrate»), his short stories and novels, the peculiarities of the poet’s theoretical attitude towards the theater, as well as an analysis of gender issues. The discourse on the criteria of «keeping abreast with time» in the poet’s works, on his ways of depicting the Russian life style, as well as on scriptural motifs in Brusov’s sonnets, is really noteworthy. The comparison of the poet’s works with the masterpieces of the outstanding representatives of world culture such as Victor Hugo, Vladimir Nabokov, Dmitry Merezhkovsky, George Byron, Thomas Moore, Nikolay Gumilev and others lead to unusual derivations. The section «Publications» is quite cognitive. The materials taken from V.Brusov’s archive were presented in this section for the first time, specifically, «An Open Letter», the address to young poets, the verses published under different names (e.g., R.Shcherbakov) that had not been identified at the time, the articles on G.Derzhavin, which had not been published earlier, as well as «The Future of Balkan Peninsula», a drama «The Origins of Aid», a number of lectures on Russian literature of XIX century. Each new volume of «Brusov Readings» reveals the fact that numerous materials kept in V. Brusov’s archive, are still waiting for their publication.