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    Брюсовские чтения
    (Лингва, 2013)
    The jubilee academic conference «Brusov Readings» was held in Moscow on December 11-13, 2013, to celebrate V.Brusov’s 140th anniversary. The conference was initiated by the Yerevan University of Languages and Social Sciences after V.Brusov together with Gorky Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the State Literature Museum’s Department «The Museum of Literature of Silver Age» (V.Ya.Brusov’s House). Over 50 participants from 10 countries (Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, the U.S., Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary) submitted their reports. The participants were very emotional in their speeches, hence, the reports often turned into academic discussions. The reports of the present participants, as well as of those who participated in correspondence, were included in the almanac «Brusov Readings-2013», which differs from previous publications. The almanac opens with S.Kormilov’s report on the essence of all Yerevan almanacs entitled «Brusov Readings». The observations on V.Brusov’s poetry, a new vision of his novels and dramas should be mentioned among the numerous works concerning V.Brusov’s creative activities. Moreover, his war correspondence (1914-1915) was for the first time introduced in the collection of «Brusov Readings-2013». V.Brusov’s private and creative relations with the «fellow writers» were always of certain interest for the specialists in Brusov’s heritage. His relations with Nina Petrovskaya, Konstantin Balmont, Sergey Auslender, and many others were newly interpreted by the authors of the almanac. The reader will get new information on the issues concerning the poet’s relations with K.Nekrasov’s Publishing House in Yaroslavl and his correspondence with Johanna Matveevna in 1914-1915. V.Brusov’s art of translation was always crucial for the specialists in his creative activities; however, his translations of some verses into English and Armenian were for the first time introduced to scientific audience. The presentation of V.Brusov’s views and attitudes towards the world culture were compared with the perceptions of Osip Mandelshtam, Edgar Poe, and Charles Baudlier – a noteworthy event. Unknown materials were presented by N.Zhilyakova; V.Molodyakov’s paper was devoted to the consideration of V.Brusov’s dedicatory inscriptions on his books. V.Brusov’s correspondence with M.Gershenzon, V.Manuilov, his unpublished prose (T.Shuran) was included in «Publications» section. Hand-written materials created by V.Brusov at the earliest stage of his career, taken from the archive fund of «Brusov Science Center», were first introduced in the almanac. XV anniversary academic conference «Brusov Readings» summarized the fifty years of fundamental academic work and outlined the urgent issues referring to the development of V.Brusov studies in the XXI century.