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    Брюсовские чтения
    (Периодика, 1986)
    8th academic conference «Brusov Readings» was held in Yerevan in October 1986 to celebrate Translators’ days, consequently, it was quite an audience. The conference was initiated by Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute for Russian and Foreign Languages after Brusov. Although the traditional conference was arranged for 70th anniversary of the publication of the anthology «The Poetry of Armenia» the conference was not limited by the frames of Brusov’s translation activities. The participants of the conference had presented over 50 reports which were afterwards included in the almanac «Brusov Readings 1986» published in Yerevan in 1992. The publications of Brusov’s prose strengthened the audience’s interest. The matter concerns, in particular, «Fiery Angel», «Nights and Days», «Now That I Woke Up», «Glass Pillar», etc. The participants of the conference considered the influence of Western philosophers on the poet’s world view formation. A number of specialists considered the peculiarities of Brusov’s prosody, as well as Brusov’s relations with Fet, Tyutchev, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, A.Tolstoy, Brusov’s translations of Edgar Poe and Schiller. The materials which had not been published were also included in the almanac, in particular, the notes on Schopenhauer, fragments from «Sketchbooks», «A Diary», a drama «The Earth», commemorative inscriptions, reviews on proletarian poets, etc. It is noteworthy that the academics tended to reveal new aspects, such as a thorough analysis of Brusov’s most important almanacs, poetics, and the peculiarities of the poet’s creativity, the comprehension of history in Brusov’s prose and poetry, as well as philosophical background of Brusov’s works.