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    Брюсовские чтения
    (Лингва, 2010)
    XIV academic conference «Brusov Readings» was held in Yerevan in October, 2010, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Yerevan State Linguistic University after V.Brusov. As usual, the «geography» of conference participants was wide. The specialists from Yerevan, Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Tokyo participated in the conference activities. The XIV conference was marked by a relatively less number of studies referring directly to V.Brusov’s creative activities, while giving more emphasis to the issues of intercultural dialogues and Brusov’s links with the prominent representatives of world literature and culture. It should be noted that the authors of submitted papers included into the almanac «Brusov Readings» covered a wide range of issues, e.g., the works referring to V.Brusov creative activities’ study in a meta-poetic aspect. V.Brusov’s heritage in translations is represented by the papers considering his translations of an ancient Greek poet Solon, the English romantic poet P.Shelly, and Armenian poets. The cultural aspect of V.Brusov studies is represented by the works considering his interest in the Russian history and Russian folklore, as well as in the world culture, specifically, V.Brusov’s views with regard to Atlantis, to the cultural events taking place in Paris at that time, and of cinematography – a new branch of art by that time. The articles on the subjects that had not been addressed in previous almanacs were also included in «Brusov Readings-2010», namely, on folklore in V.Brusov’s perception, the subject of science and a scientist’s image, the image of «East» in V.Brusov’s poetry, et al. The works concerning his poetry were included in the section «Brusov in the Context of the Dialogue of Cultures», specifically, «Brusov and Cinematography», «Paris Performances Estimated by Brusov», «The Northern World in His Poetry», as well as translations from J.W.Goethe, Solon, P.Duryan, P.Shelly (in Russian and Armenian translations). The reader can also widen his knowledge on the history of creation of the anthology «The Poetry of Armenia», the personality of Piotr Bartenev, and even of the unique features of V.Brusov’s Studio at the Literature Museum. The publications are quite manifold, in particular, V.Brusov’s correspondence, his unfinished novel entitled «Japhetic», as well as an essay on M.Lomonosov, and memories of V.Brusov. The almanac introduces the anthology «Historical Armenian Prose and Poetry (V – XVIII centuries) » published in Yerevan in 2009 (ed. N.P.Seyranyan, scientific editor S.T.Zolyan), which followed V.Brusov’s draft project.