Молодёжные интернет-коммуникации на примере развития студенческого медиапроекта

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Карпов Эрнест
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The study has determined the media project’s functioning specifics (on the example of the project "Voice of the Russian State University"), and the conclusions have been drawn based on the current trends in modern studies of network mass communication and Internet journalism. The materials of student media publications (websites, YouTube video hosting, social networks) created on the basis of modern multimedia technologies have been analyzed. The study has revealed the stylistic originality of the student media which makes it possible to single out the media project of the student media as a separate journalistic practice direction, as one of the aspects of youth Internet communications. It has also highlighted the potential of youth Internet journalism. The relevance and effectiveness of communication with the features of online communication in the media and the habits of the student Internet audience have been determined. Media projects of student media have been singled out as a separate area of modern Internet journalism with its original and stable functional-stylistic features formed in the context of the development of modern network mass communication in the educational media space.
DOI : 10.51307/18293107/laph/22.621 8 4
Linguistics and Philology