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The academic conference «Brusov Readings» to celebrate 80th anniversary of the publication of the anthology «The Poetry of Armenia» was held in 1996, ten years after the previous conference. It was the longest interval since the first «Brusov Readings» were held in 1962. Political vicissitudes of late 1990-s obviously had an unfavorable impact on the cultural domain. The participants of the conference focused not only on conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues referring to Brusov studies but also on specific text analysis of Brusov’s works, his motifs, as well as on figurative and subject structures used in his books. The academics tended to more deeply comprehend Brusov’s world-view, to thoroughly consider poetic and scientific background of Silver Age. To note, only the academics from Moscow were able to participate in the Yerevan conference, namely S.Kormilov, M.Mikhaylova and R.Scherbakov. To note, in 1989 and 1994 Brusov Readings were held in Stavropol, due to the political circumstances. Regretfully, only the theses of IX and X Brusov Readings were published in Stavropol. Yet a lot of academicians participated in the conference, including the speakers from the Yerevan State Pedagogical University for Russian and Foreign Languages after Valery Brusov, in particular, S.Gullakyan, E.Danielyan, T.Ordukhanyan, S.Davtyan, A.Gevorkyan. A lot of reports presented at the conference were included in the almanac «Brusov Readings» published in Yerevan in 2001. Consequently, we may state that the above-mentioned almanac is the 11th almanac entitled «Brusov Readings». The poet’s prose, critique, monoverse, dramas, poetic almanacs were considered in the section «The Issues of Valery Brusov’s Creative Activities». Brusov’s symphony «Remembrance» originally presented in the almanac is of special interest. As usual, Brusov’s private and creative relationship with G.Chulkov, Z.Gippius, Vl.Khodasevich, A.Akhmatova, S.Solovyev and others will also divert the readers. Brusov’s translations are of peculiar interest, specifically, the translations of N.Lenau, G.Byron, French symbolists; the topic «Brusov and Polish Literature» was considered as well. The recollections of N.Trifonov and E.Nuralov («On the History of Brusov Readings») are also noteworthy.