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The next, 6th All-Union academic conference «Brusov Readings» was held in Yerevan on May 22-24, 1980, initiated by the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute for Russian and Foreign Languages after V.Brusov. The specialists from Armenia, Moscow, Leningrad, Tbilisi, Kishinev, Stavropol, Gorky, Vladimir and other cities of the USSR participated in the conference. Some significant events occurred in the scope of Brusov studies during the period between 5th «Brusov Readings» (1973), dedicated to V.Brusov’s 100th anniversary, and the 1980 conference. In particular, a 7-volume collection of V.Brusov’s works was published in Moscow; the 85th volume of «Literary Heritage» dedicated solely to the poet was issued in 1976. The Stavropol Pedagogical Institute published four almanacs entitled «Brusov Readings». The publication of «Brusov’s Bibliography», which covered a period from 1884 to 1973, summarized the long-term work carried out by the academics from the Cabinet of Brusov’s creativity. About 30 reports were presented in the course of the academic conference. A considerable part of these reports was included into the almanac «Brusov Readings-1980» published in Yerevan in 1983. The articles submitted at the conference covered a variety of aspects referring to V.Brusov’s belles-letters activities, namely: the authors accented V.Brusov’s typological and contact ties with his contemporaries and the prominent representatives of various national literatures. M.Gasparov’s report entitled «Brusov and Line Glosses» was of particular interest. M.Gasparov suggested the exact principle for calculating the degree of any translation’s accuracy. Certain unknown materials, e.g., V.Brusov’s drama, translations of W.Whitman’s and F.Schiller’s works by V.Brusov, the reports on his controversies with Leo Tolstoy were included into the almanac. The participants of the conference underlined the necessity of elaboration and publication of V.Brusov’s scientific biography, along with a need to improve the organizational and scientific criteria of «Brusov Readings». Recommendations on publication of works and materials relevant to V.Brusov’s creative activities were approved.