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In 1973, the belles-lettres public of the Soviet Union celebrated Valery Brusov’s 100th anniversary. The numerous papers on V.Brusov studies were published in magazines and newspapers, thus witnessing the growing interest towards the creative activities of one of the most outstanding representatives of the XX century Russian literature. During that year, significant materials referring to V.Brusov’s 100th anniversary were published in the Armenian and Russian newspapers and magazines. In particular, «Fiction» Publishing House issued the first two volumes of a seven-volume collection of V.Brusov’s works. A number of research works on V.Brusov’s life and creativity were also published in the same year, in particular, «Brusov on the Russian Poets of XIX Century» by V.Tikhancheva, «The Poetry of V.Brusov» by S.Gindin, and «The Russian Literature of XX Century» by a number of authors. Also, the almanac «The Poetry of Armenia» was reedited. Within the frames of celebrating V.Brusov’s jubilee, The Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute for Russian and Foreign Languages after V.Brusov, the Yerevan State University and the USSR State Museum of Literature jointly held on December 13–15, 1973, an academic conference in Yerevan. The reports presented at the conference witnessed a detailed approach and the high level of studies on V.Brusov’s heritage. According to S.Postupalsky, V.Brusov studies should be considered as a successful branch of literary criticism. The authors of the reports paid particular attention to peculiar artistic characteristics of V.Brusov’s works and endeavored to reveal the conciseness of his poetic forms, as well as to consider the issues referring to his poetic innovation. Of particular interest are the papers submitted by S.Narovchatov, M.Gasparov, I.Ilyev, E.Litvin, included into the section «The Issues of Valery Brusov’s Creative Activities» of the almanac «Brusov Readings-1973». Numerous works, which had not been previously published, were included into this section. The authors of these papers considered V.Brusov’s interrelations with the Russian and foreign, in particular, Lithuanian and Moldavian, lyric poetry. A perfect completion of the book are the recollections of A.Chudetskaya and Shik, who presented the materials from Shik’s archive. The almanac «Brusov Readings-1973», published in Yerevan in 1976, significantly contributed to the study of creative activities of Valery Brusov – a prominent Russian poet, translator and critic. In addition, the jubilee celebrations were held in Armenia and Russia. A solemn meeting of the representatives of the Yerevan community, dedicated to the poet’s 100th anniversary, took place in Yerevan, at the State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after A.Spendiarov. The information concerning the celebrations held in the USSR cities was published in «Literary Newspaper».