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    Брюсовские чтения
    (Лингва, 2006)
    The academic conference «Brusov Readings» conducted in 2006 was dedicated to 90th anniversary of the publication of the anthology «The Poetry of Armenia». The conference was organized within the framework of «The Year of Armenia in Russia» in autumn of 2006 at the Russian State University for the Humanities and Ryazan State University named for S.Yesenin. It was not the first away conference, since in 1971 «Brusov Readings» had been conducted in Moscow and in 1989 and 1994 in Stavropol, yet it was equally productive, since high-level academics from major literary centers of Russia and Armenia participated in the academic gathering and considered a wide range of subjects and issues. Addressing the audience at the solemn opening of XIII Brusov Readings in Moscow, Y.Pivovarov and S.Zolyan, the rectors of the co-sponsor universities (Russian State University for the Humanities and Yerevan State Linguistic University), outlined the forum’s wide cultural aspect and underscored that it was focused on present-day realities. The academics from Moscow, Yerevan, Tokyo, Stavropol, Tula and Perm had a fresh new vision of still unknown issues referring to Brusov’s creative activities. They were selective in addressing the issues and offered new angles of consideration of the poet’s illimitable creative heritage. The reports presented at the academic conference were included in the almanac «Brusov Readings 2006» published in Yerevan in 2007. The authors of the articles considered the peculiarities of Brusov’s creative personality’s shaping, originality of his poetic symbols, the issues referring to lyrical poems. They were also the first to suggest that Brusov should be considered at the origin of the Russian poetic vanguard. The following issues were discussed as well: Brusov as a critic, a playwright and a theater reviewer, the way Brusov depicted nature in his works, in part, by merging nature and history. The academics also focused on Brusov’s translations, in particular, the translations of French poetry of XVIII century, English poetry, Armenian epos, and of Edgar Poe’s works. Considerations of the poet’s translations into Armenian are also noteworthy. As for originally published materials, we would like to mention a short story entitled «A Passage», B.Pogorelova’s (Runt’s) memories of Konstantin Balmont, Brusov’s correspondence with N.Krasheninnikov, the reviews of Krasheninnikov’s «Nero» drama, the notes on syllabus in the Russian literature for a secondary school, the project «The Academy of Poetry», etc.